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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Nanowrimo -- Here I Come Again

I've done it. I've caved in. Last year, I stressed myself out trying to write 50,000 words (I wrote 56,000 for good measure). I took part in Nanowrimo/National Novel Writing Month!. At the end of November, I had a good start to a novel that just needs to be edited. (I know, I could've taken part in Nanoedmo/National Novel Editing Month (March).

I'm going to write a Reality TV-inspired novel. Hopefully, I can get it published soon :-) I've got an idea or two on how to do that, y'all.

It's Halloween. Gotta go do a rune cast and celebrate!Watching Scars of Dracula with Christopher Lee right now!

Enjoy Samhain, my pagan peeps, and stay safe all y'all.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


As Manny Ramirez says, "You make your own destination." OMG...It proves that some athletes shouldn't be given a microphone. Regardless, the curse has been reversed, if there ever was one. The heartaches of 86 years have been erased. The people of my home base will not sleep tonight. They'll be relishing this moment for at least the next year.

The Sox swept the Cardinals. It was a 3-0 game tonight. Lowe pitched admirably. Johnny got the first run with the first pitch of the evening. Go, Johnny!!!!

In the back of my mind, I thought, "what if?" Could they really pull this out? Would they just fall into the same old patterns?

The Cardinals sure looked defeated as they walked onto the field. Perhaps, they had been over-thinking this. Maybe the "IDIOTS" got it right. Play and have fun. Just play because you love it and play every game like it's your last, but not in defeat. "You make your own destiny!!!" The destination is, basically, up to you, right?

It's got me feeling like a little kid. A bit of that disappointed 13 year old who watched the Sox lose in '86 was healed. Of course, that's not thanks to FOX, which decided to show the clips of all of our near-wins over the years. I certainly enjoyed watching the ball go through Buckner's legs again. I'm sure Bill Buckner appreciates it, too!

I hope the Cardinals don't feel too defeated. It was our year. The planets were aligned just right, I guess. I suppose we'll have to wait for the next October Lunar Eclipse to get our 2nd World Series Crown.

I do have to say that I almost hyperventilated when Foulke lost a ball between his legs in the bottom of the 9th. I felt a few grays pop out of my head. Oy vey!

Other than that, there wasn't much drama tonight. There was a silly call and a few bumbles, but nothing spectacular. The Sox stayed aggressive and the Cards showed up. They are a better team than their play proved and they deserve credit. They were the best team in the NL.

Maybe next year, we'll win again. Maybe not. It doesn't matter. We won this year. It's our moment now. We'll shine and enjoy it.

Thank you
Damon --- for coming out of your hitting slump and for fielding as well as you do.
Cabrera --- you proved that there is life (and a championship!) after Nomar.
Ramirez --- for being the MVP and sticking with the Sox. You sure earned your keep.
Ortiz --- Papi, muchas gracias! You carried the hitting load when no one else could. You were instrumental in our defeat of the Yankees and proved to be a team player as well as a team leader.
Bellhorn --- man, you proved that you could elevate your game when it was needed. I hope you continue to improve and have faith in what you did (and can) do.
Varitek --- don't even think of leaving. You've been a solid catcher, hitter and overall team player. You are a star.
Millar --- 1st base god, you are. Not too shabby in the hitting department either.
Mueller --- it must've been bittersweet to beat the team you grew up loving. Thank you for helping to bring it home to 'my team' finally!
Nixon -- for working so hard despite your injury and for getting 2 runs tonight which helped seal our World Series fate.

Lowe---you pitched 7 solid innings. Wow!
Martinez. Pedro...o mi Pedro. Your brilliance shines como tantas estrellas. You are our living legend.
Foulke -- way to pull it together and you saved our butts on many occasions. Thank you.
Schilling --an iron man with the heart of a champion. You lead by example and it's one I want to follow.

Francona --- you are the navigator of this ship. Thank you for leading it safely into the port of the World Series. Your brilliance and your love of baseball and this team has given us the championship we've wanted and needed for so long.

To the rest of the Sox organization -- thank you for working hard, not giving up and for being a part of history.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

3-0 now

This is scary. We are one game away from the World Series. We're in exactly the same position the Yankees were when we rallied back to beat them. We've gotten lucky with some mistakes by the Cardinals (most notably, Jeff Suppan's base running error.) For a recap, check out this article at Actually, I think this one is more comprehensive.

Will we Reverse the Curse? I'm not betting on it because history has taught us that complacency is not good.

The Cardinals could come back. Wouldn't that be ironic? I mean the Sox were the first to come back and win down 3-0. Wouldn't the ultimate irony be that the Sox would then lose with the same tactics that took them to the World Series? Wouldn't it? C'mon, it's scary.

Of course, there are people that say that with this planetary alignment, the World Series Lunar Eclipse that something supernatural is at work here. Perhaps it's destiny that the Sox win.

I love my Red Sox and I love the occult, as a pagan myself. However, I do NOT ascribe destiny to baseball. However, I won't make a bet either way.

Good luck, Sox. Lowe -- I hope you pitch well. Cards, I'd like to see you win one or two just so the Sox could do this at home, but I'll take a sweep. It'd be nice to have something more to celebrate, but I'm not holding my breath, yet!

Monday, October 25, 2004

We're 2-0!!!! Can you believe that?

WOW! We are 2-0 despite a mess of errors, made by Manny Ramirez (game 1, 2 in a row) and Bill Mueller (at least 3 last night by himself--ugh!). Curt Schilling gave another great performance last night. The man is made of iron or something. He's got heart. That's all I can say.

The Sox should not have won both games with some sloppy play. However, they are going for it. They are extending the boundaries and coming up with the hitting. Cabrera and Bellhorn are especially good right now. They're giving Papi (David Ortiz) some of the help he needs. Even Damon's out of his slump. Ramirez, where are you? I haven't seen your hitting and your fielding has been sub-par. Are you nervous? I would be, but that's beside the point.

I am having trouble believing that they will win. I feel like I'm in a dream world. I know the Cardinals will rally a bit. I know that the next 3 games in St. Louis will change the tide somewhat. I am a realist. Years of studying the Sox and history will do that to a gal.

In history, we see that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. It's a sad fact but true. I guess I'm a skeptic. I can thank Catholicism and the Archdiocese of Boston for that. Kind of ironic, huh?

I guess however if:

Ben Affleck can find love with a new "Jen

and the reporters on scene at the game last night can virtually ignore Tom Hanks in favor of Jimmy Fallon (who wears "geek chic" to a Red Sox game!), then ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

Last night, I noticed the best Halloween costume (a major Sox pimp daddy with red hat, jacket and fake leopard fur collar...OMG). I can't wait for Halloween, but that's another story for another post.

Can't wait 'til Tuesday. This is the best "Reality TV" on TV right now. You can't script a better showdown than this.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

BoSox Win the Pennant

You've got to be in a coma if you are unaware of this. The Red Sox made history last night and came down from a 3-0 deficit to steal the pennant away from the Yankees in their own backyard --- *********(originally, I made the error of putting Shea Stadium here, the home of the Mets. D'oh!!!!)

"Who's your papi?" Hmm. Yankees. Could it be Ortiz? David Ortiz definitely earned his MVP trophy for the series. He kept the Sox in the series, almost singlehandedly, in games 4 and 5. Game 6, of course, belonged to Curt Schilling.

Last night, however, belonged to Johnny Damon. Along with Kevin Millar, Damon named the team "a bunch of idiots." I can't say I agree with that, unless they're idiot savants "like that kid from Shine" (quote - Lois Griffin, character on the Family Guy.)

The team pulled it together. I was scared they'd fall apart. Forgive me, BoSox, but I only 1/2 believed. I wanted to believe in full, but it's so hard when I've seen so much and I'm only a few months older than Johnny Damon. (I was born in June; he was born in Nov of 1973.) I was 13 when the Sox last went to the World Series. I believed then and watched my dreams dashed. I can't believe how much it hurt.

I know that seems strange, but it did.

I've heard the crap about the Curse. For a time, I even believed it. This team proves that if you don't believe the hype and believe in yourself, you can achieve some great things. It's a lesson I'm glad my son is seeing illustrated on the world stage. I know it's making an impact. He believes and he's never seen before.

Good luck in the World Series, Sox. You know I'll be watching.

Thank you for bringing a little bit of Boston back into my home in Austin, TX. I sure did miss it, especially at this time of the year.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Another Win & We're History

We won again last night. It was a 9-inning game, but it still lasted over 4 hours. Here's the scoop at

I will say that Curt Schilling is my new hero. He took a page out of The Natural or something. You could see the blood his ankle. He admitted he was in pain from the 4th inning on, but that didn't stop him from keeping the Yankees at Bay. Arroyo and Foulke came out to finish up the night for him.

There was a lot of drama due to some wonderful umpiring. I know the calls are controversial and I don't applaud them just because they ended up being in Boston's favor. The reversals were correct. See this article
for the scoop from the mouths of the umps themselves.

I don't know if the Sox can pull it out tonight and well, I'm not sure I want to see police in full riot gear on a major league field again, but there will be drama, there will be passion and a lot of heated confrontations tonight.

I just hope I can get to bed early this time.

Go Sox, but if you don't win, know this --- you made history and well, the fans of Boston appreciate it.

I don't believe in a 'Curse'. It makes good TV and good PR, but I believe in the Sox moreso now than I did a few days ago.

And for that, I thank Ortiz, Bellhorn (great homer and wonderful job last night), Schilling, Arroyo, Martinez, Damon (even if you aren't hitting your best, your fielding has been superb), Millar, Varitek, Ramirez and more.

Francona, you obviously care about your team. Thank you.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Red Sox --- Woo Hoo


They won again. It was a bottom of the 14th Ortiz hit that sent Damon running home. Yee-haw! I have to admit by the time the game was over, I think I was happier that it was over than they won. It was a looooooooooooong game.

We were ahead for a long time. 2-1. I hoped it would stay that way, but nooooooooooo. Jeter got 3-RBIs off of a solid hit. At least, we stabilized the bleeding we've been getting at the bats of Hideki "Godzilla" Matsui and Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod). Bernie Williams got a solo-homerun off of Pedro in the first.

Pedro, Pedro. You did so well until you threw your 100th pitch. You do tend to fall apart after that. I wish Francona had pulled you out before Jeter's hit, but he does a hell of a job. Much better than I or any of his armchair critics could.

In the end, the Yankees used up all their pitchers. They had NO ONE left in the bullpen. It was scary because the Astros/Cardinals game was almost over by the time we finished last night.

And, y'all don't get a day off. You're playing today after traveling to New York.

Good luck, SOX. If you win tonight, that's gravy. Last night was a nice memory to carry me through 'til next year.

Sox in 2005!!!!!!!!!!!! "Reverse the CURSE" boo-yeah.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Interviews w/Reality TV Stars - Last Comic Standing

On Reality Shack you can see most of these interviews with 'blue' material included. I don't know how long the links will be available at BellaOnline. That site has a new Reality TV host. No worries. I quit that so I could focus on more than just Reality TV, but a gal has to vent somewhere, right?

  • Interview w/Gary Gulman

  • Interview w/Alonzo Bodden

  • Interview w/Jessica Kirson

  • Part One with ANT -- don't worry there's a link to Part Two in the Article

  • Interview w/Sean Kent

  • Now for my thoughts on the comics:

    -- Gary was sweet. It just took a long time for him to get back to me. I know --- he's busy. He was touring with Alonzo and Jay doing the "I'm Still Standing Tour" and he was doing Season 3. It was a hectic schedule. I still appreciate the time he took out to answer questions for a fan. He was funny and nice.

    -- ANT was such a trip. He's a hoot. I can't believe how nice and talkative he was. He was just a joy to talk to. At one point, I was like --- "Honey, I'm on the phone with ANT!" My husband was like, "that's cool, dear." He grew up in New England like Gary and I did. He's also got lots going on. Check him out on Dennis Miller's show on CNBC and periodically on VH-1. He's done the 80s, 90s and the Best Week Ever commentary. You can't keep a good ANT down, can you?

    -- Sean Kent was the best interview subject. He was so cooperative. He's really a thoughtful and intelligent guy. He grew up in Austin (where I now live) so we had that in common, but he was just nice and well, a good way to break me into interviewing. He was my 'first'.

    -- Alonzo Bodden is da man. He is responsive and very helpful as well. He also has a good memory. He said 'hey' to my son. That was nice. He's just a decent man and I'm glad he won the $250,000.00. He deserved it. He's just a brilliant comedy writer and perfomer.

    Now, to prove to you that I'm not all gushy mc gush-gush. I had a few bad interviews.

    I talked w/Rich Vos. He and I did NOT click. I'd rather get a root canal than talk to that man again. Dave Mordal did his best to avoid answering my questions in any detail. It was like he was conserving his words for the stage. Oh well, they all can't be winning interviews.

    I still wish them luck in their endeavors and I'm sure they like me about as much as I do them. If they've ever given me a second thought, which I know they haven't., I'm sounding stupid. It's late and I'm tired, but I can't sleep. I'm so jazzed 'bout the Sox.

    They ACTUALLY won

    I can not believe it. Ortiz got a two-run homer in the bottom of the 12th! I thought the damn game was never gonna end. You'd have thought they'd won the World Series for all the whooping it up we're doing, but it's just awesome.

    They have a big job ahead of them if they wanted to get to the World Series. I doubt it'll happen and I know that seems like I'm a true turncoat, a Benedict Arnold. They have to "Make History or Be History".

    Teams just don't come back from a 3 - 1 deficit to win the League Championship and then the World Series. I guess my belief in the Sox is like my belief in God. I have the Archdiocese of Boston to thank for that crisis of faith, now don't I?

    I just can't be blind about it, or I'll get blind-sided, like I've been in the past. I'll keep wishing and hoping, but watching with one hand over my eyes.

    Sunday, October 17, 2004

    We're in the 11th Inning Now

    Okay! I want to believe. I'd like to believe. I feel bad that I don't fully believe. I sort of have one hand over my eyes watching this game 4 show down. There's two out currently. They just put in a new pitcher, by the name of Mike Meyers -- like the comedic actor. That's irony.

    Matsui is up and well, they don't call him Godzilla for nothing. I'm scared of him. He's like a machine. My goddess! He's over .400 in this series and he's just been nutty. He's hot. Well, not that kind of hot. His bat is hot.

    I'm typing fast and furious here. The pitcher's got him at 3-0. UGH! Matsui's on and the bases are loaded. They took Meyers out. This is just horrible. The next pitcher is Curtis Lizcanik. I can't spell it. The pitching staff is abysmal. Ugh!

    Put Lowe back in. He kept the game pretty tight!

    Of course, it's really easy for me to be an armchair critic.

    I'm just nervous and well, I just don't think they'll make it to a 5th game, but I want them to and I feel like a little kid because I want what I want and it's not fair if I don't get what I want, you know. Well, maybe you don't.

    I'm tired and I need to work on some paying writng gigs, but my pulse is racing, and I'm tense. I'm gonna be in some fibro pain tomorrow.

    Don't know what Fibromyalgia is, well, check out my web site at - Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It'll answer many of your questions, I hope.

    First pitch from a strike. Nice. Wakefield's getting lose. The Yankees got out and the loaded bases yielded NO RUNS. Yippee!!!

    I'll be back later or 2 year old is driving my husband nuts. Yes, she's still awake. UGH!!!!

    It's been a while

    I have been very busy following Reality TV for Reality Shack under the moniker, Panndyra, Goddess of Chaos.

    I've covered a lot of material for them and for Reality TV @ BellaOnline. I had to quit that site because it was a lot of work covering the entire genre by myself.

    As I type this, I'm watching my Red Sox go down in a blaze of infamy -- yet again, to the Yankees. Damn Yankees! I gotta give them credit, though. They rose to the occasion. The Sox haven't.

    I don't believe in a "Curse". I was born and bred in Boston. I only moved out of the area in 2001. I grew up hoping and believing every fall. I really did. I wished that I could stop believing. I always feel let down.

    Mariano Rivera's about ready to pitch and our guys, who have been hitting like shit, are gonna lose 4-0 . They were favorites to take the ALCS title. Oh well! Another year, another disappointment. My heart can't take it anymore.

    I feel like a little girl again and my mom told me my dad was the "Tooth Fairy." She believed in answering our questions honestly. Don't even want to tell y'all about what happened when I asked her, "Where do babies come from?" Ugh! I'm married with 2 kids and her explanation still grosses me out.

    I'm out for now, but I'll be back. I'll be writing random thoughts about Sports, Reality TV, marriage and much more. I need an outlet to vent. That's what blogging's for, right?