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Thursday, May 13, 2004

My last "unofficial" official Spoof Story

Here it is. I think it's time to move to being an irregular contributor to this site. It's got a lot of funny stuff there. I hope people who read this blog check it out, but I need to get back to other types of writing and save the satire for sporadic intervals.

My Final Reality-TV Story

Panndyra Out...

Last Night's American Idol

I have a confession. I am a 30 year old Reality-tv junkie. I know it's upsetting. I have two kids and a husband. But I like me some Reality TV.

I watched American Idol like a lot of people last night. Okay, well I was flipping in between that and the Bachelor (that Trish is such a bitch! Nah, just playing. I actually can relate better to her than to some of those moralistic, catty girls who aren't exactly as honest as they think they are either, but that's enough o' that.)

I saw Fantasia Barrino who I actually like and LaToya London in the bottom two. It wasn't right. I don't, like Elton John consider it to be racism because well, let's be honest, there is actually a good cross-section of minorities in the finals. I'm a Latina myself and I can admit it. Okay. 'Nuff said.

However, if this is to be a competition based on performances only, then I really do believe that Jasmine Trias should have gone last night. Sorry, Jasmine. You are cute and pretty good, but LaToya was better. I am sure Ms. London will go on to bigger and better things, like Broadway, but I decided to write about my frustration here.

Low-Down on the Don Ho American Idol Conspiracy

Hope you like it.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Spoof Me, Baby

I love this piece. Check it out:

Musician Breaks New Ground

Of course, yesterday's foray into making fun of the music industry cracked me up too. That's how I judge a good story by whether it makes me laugh or not. It's narcissism anyway, isn't it? Writing, that is.

Billy Ocean Makes a Comeback

I had been wondering whether or not to continue on the site. It's been hard to come up with interesting stuff lately. But I find myself compelled to prove that I have no life sometimes and continue writing these stories.

They're just a good way to let off some steam.

Welcome To MY Blog

I've done it. I finally caved in and got a blog. Stay tuned for some of my spoof stories and more of my funny stuff. I also will be evil especially at that time of the month.

It's just me trying to be honest. It's hard. Oh so hard 'cuz no one wants to hear the ugly truth unless it's about someone else.

Oh yeah and there'll be PONTIFICATING galore here. Pontificate