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Monday, October 18, 2004

Interviews w/Reality TV Stars - Last Comic Standing

On Reality Shack you can see most of these interviews with 'blue' material included. I don't know how long the links will be available at BellaOnline. That site has a new Reality TV host. No worries. I quit that so I could focus on more than just Reality TV, but a gal has to vent somewhere, right?

  • Interview w/Gary Gulman

  • Interview w/Alonzo Bodden

  • Interview w/Jessica Kirson

  • Part One with ANT -- don't worry there's a link to Part Two in the Article

  • Interview w/Sean Kent

  • Now for my thoughts on the comics:

    -- Gary was sweet. It just took a long time for him to get back to me. I know --- he's busy. He was touring with Alonzo and Jay doing the "I'm Still Standing Tour" and he was doing Season 3. It was a hectic schedule. I still appreciate the time he took out to answer questions for a fan. He was funny and nice.

    -- ANT was such a trip. He's a hoot. I can't believe how nice and talkative he was. He was just a joy to talk to. At one point, I was like --- "Honey, I'm on the phone with ANT!" My husband was like, "that's cool, dear." He grew up in New England like Gary and I did. He's also got lots going on. Check him out on Dennis Miller's show on CNBC and periodically on VH-1. He's done the 80s, 90s and the Best Week Ever commentary. You can't keep a good ANT down, can you?

    -- Sean Kent was the best interview subject. He was so cooperative. He's really a thoughtful and intelligent guy. He grew up in Austin (where I now live) so we had that in common, but he was just nice and well, a good way to break me into interviewing. He was my 'first'.

    -- Alonzo Bodden is da man. He is responsive and very helpful as well. He also has a good memory. He said 'hey' to my son. That was nice. He's just a decent man and I'm glad he won the $250,000.00. He deserved it. He's just a brilliant comedy writer and perfomer.

    Now, to prove to you that I'm not all gushy mc gush-gush. I had a few bad interviews.

    I talked w/Rich Vos. He and I did NOT click. I'd rather get a root canal than talk to that man again. Dave Mordal did his best to avoid answering my questions in any detail. It was like he was conserving his words for the stage. Oh well, they all can't be winning interviews.

    I still wish them luck in their endeavors and I'm sure they like me about as much as I do them. If they've ever given me a second thought, which I know they haven't., I'm sounding stupid. It's late and I'm tired, but I can't sleep. I'm so jazzed 'bout the Sox.


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