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Friday, May 19, 2006

Good Morning Starshine The Earth Says Hello

I love that quote. It's from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp and originally from a song from the musical Hair. You know - when Willy greets the kiddoes at his factory.

Willy reminds me of me sometimes. So awkward in social situations. A true geek that feels more comfortable alone. My hubby even says that I'm a 'sociopath'. He means it as a joke. I am no sociopath because well, I have strong empathy for others and I feel guilt immensely. I was raised Roman Catholic in the Archdiocese of Boston by an Italian-Born mother and a superstitious Portuguese-American father.

The point is - I'm shy with some serious antisocial tendencies. I'm not rude, but I'm not ever the one to start a conversation. Afraid I'd be bothering people.

Wow! I'm officially killing my own buzz. Was having a great morning. Felt no stress. No sadness. No depression. I attribute it to the foods I've been eating. I'm partially RAW (about 20%). It's a start and about 70% vegan. I'm also gluten and dairy free. I notice changes in my body - LESS FLUID RETENTION, LESS PAIN! For a woman with Fibromyalgia, I welcome less pain anytime!

Last night, I made this killer Banana Frozen "Yogurt". I also did 'yogurt' yesterday (That's what my three year old calls yoga!) She's so cute!

Here's the recipe (remember the measurements are approximate as I'm a tactile cook. I just toss stuff in!)

2 Frozen Bananas - mildly ripe is good!
1/2 cup organic walnut halves and pieces - diced or chopped real fine
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut - shredded
1/4 cup raw, all-natural honey (***agave nectar would be a better substitute but the kids don't like it as much)
1/8 cup water (to get the blender moving)
15-20 cacao nibs

1) Throw everything in blender
2) Blend until mixed - consistency should be like a slightly melted frozen yogurt.
3) serve
4) eat


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