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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Vegan or vegetarian

Some people don't even understand the difference. Personally, I hope to eventually become a full-fledged vegan meaning I don't eat any animal products including meat, dairy and eggs. Right now, I'm moving towards lacto-ovo-vegetarian with NO CHEESE or CREAM PRODUCTS or perhaps a macrobiotic diet. I can't really decide.

This LINK explains the shades of vegetarianism.

Of course, I can't tolerate every grain either. I have to watch myself around certain rices and breads. I have to really make sure that I don't touch any refined products, especially of the carbohydrate variety.

Lately, I feel like it's easier NOT to eat than to figure out this maze. I'm not going to do that...I was bulimic for 14 years of my life and it messed my metabolism and my body up in ways I'm still discovering...but, some days it seems that everything I want to eat is just harmful to my body.

Some famous veggie eaters include:

Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)
Michael Stipe (REM)
Paul McCartney
Weird Al Yankovic
Liv Tyler
Shania Twain
Pamela Anderson
Christina Applegate
and Bryan Adams


  • At 8:30 AM, Blogger Robert Zemekis said…

    > Some people don't even understand the difference.

    Most people do not need to understand. They eat everything :). Nice to see MOBY inside your list.


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