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Thursday, October 21, 2004

BoSox Win the Pennant

You've got to be in a coma if you are unaware of this. The Red Sox made history last night and came down from a 3-0 deficit to steal the pennant away from the Yankees in their own backyard --- *********(originally, I made the error of putting Shea Stadium here, the home of the Mets. D'oh!!!!)

"Who's your papi?" Hmm. Yankees. Could it be Ortiz? David Ortiz definitely earned his MVP trophy for the series. He kept the Sox in the series, almost singlehandedly, in games 4 and 5. Game 6, of course, belonged to Curt Schilling.

Last night, however, belonged to Johnny Damon. Along with Kevin Millar, Damon named the team "a bunch of idiots." I can't say I agree with that, unless they're idiot savants "like that kid from Shine" (quote - Lois Griffin, character on the Family Guy.)

The team pulled it together. I was scared they'd fall apart. Forgive me, BoSox, but I only 1/2 believed. I wanted to believe in full, but it's so hard when I've seen so much and I'm only a few months older than Johnny Damon. (I was born in June; he was born in Nov of 1973.) I was 13 when the Sox last went to the World Series. I believed then and watched my dreams dashed. I can't believe how much it hurt.

I know that seems strange, but it did.

I've heard the crap about the Curse. For a time, I even believed it. This team proves that if you don't believe the hype and believe in yourself, you can achieve some great things. It's a lesson I'm glad my son is seeing illustrated on the world stage. I know it's making an impact. He believes and he's never seen before.

Good luck in the World Series, Sox. You know I'll be watching.

Thank you for bringing a little bit of Boston back into my home in Austin, TX. I sure did miss it, especially at this time of the year.


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