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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Obeying the Muse

Okay! I'm getting ready for summer. The kids get out on Thursday. That's only two days away. I have an eguide to write, a ton of articles I need to get done so we can go away and the muse won't let me be. Oh no!

She won't let me get out of my own head so I can do the work I'm supposed to. The siren's calling. I must heed her. She wants to write articles about historical women. She wants to write poems about my wounded womb. She wants to avoid thinking about going to Boston to visit my parents. She wants me to read books that have nada to do with my research.

The muse is a brazen, selfish bitch. I must resist her, in part, at least!

Gotta go see my son launch a rocket after school. Yippee! Nothing more fun in almost 100 degree heat! Luckily, my daughter is surprisingly low-maintenance. I'm blessed with good kids. It's the schools that expect so much from us.

Okay! I'm whining.

On a pseudo-fast this week and being 80% vegetarian and 30% raw. My skin has broken out, releasing toxins...but I'm in my early 30s. I'm tired of ACNE!

bitch, kvetch, whine. I'm sick of myself. Adieu for now.


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