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Monday, May 22, 2006

Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets is the title of my first full-length paranormal romance. It's currently in the works. I have such a hard time writing descriptively. Man, it's tough. I've also got the poetry in my soul, y'all. It's calling to me. My muse is working overtime.

Here's an excerpt from my prologue. Hope you like it:

“Jim, please don’t give up. Stay with me,” Isabela pleaded with her mate, the man she spent the last two decades living with and loving.
“Bela,” Jim croaked in pain. She could tell it was unbearable for him. “Don’t cry for me. I’ve lived a better life than I deserved to. Thanks to you. I-I-I…” His breathing was hard yet shallow. She could tell the effort was enormous.

Isabela grabbed his hand. Once it was so strong. Now, it appeared shrunken somehow. The chronic heart attacks and the thickening of his blood from the thalassamia had changed the man she loved significantly. He was a shell of his former self. “Don’t speak, my love. It’s too draining.”

Dr. Richard Vanelt, Jim’s best friend and colleague at Boston General in the hematology department, entered the bedroom. He had a huge gym bag of sorts with him. Isabela wondered what it was for. “Isabela, I got here as quickly as I could. Jim, you wanted to speak with me?”

I must say that this process is very difficult. Very!


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