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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

3-0 now

This is scary. We are one game away from the World Series. We're in exactly the same position the Yankees were when we rallied back to beat them. We've gotten lucky with some mistakes by the Cardinals (most notably, Jeff Suppan's base running error.) For a recap, check out this article at Actually, I think this one is more comprehensive.

Will we Reverse the Curse? I'm not betting on it because history has taught us that complacency is not good.

The Cardinals could come back. Wouldn't that be ironic? I mean the Sox were the first to come back and win down 3-0. Wouldn't the ultimate irony be that the Sox would then lose with the same tactics that took them to the World Series? Wouldn't it? C'mon, it's scary.

Of course, there are people that say that with this planetary alignment, the World Series Lunar Eclipse that something supernatural is at work here. Perhaps it's destiny that the Sox win.

I love my Red Sox and I love the occult, as a pagan myself. However, I do NOT ascribe destiny to baseball. However, I won't make a bet either way.

Good luck, Sox. Lowe -- I hope you pitch well. Cards, I'd like to see you win one or two just so the Sox could do this at home, but I'll take a sweep. It'd be nice to have something more to celebrate, but I'm not holding my breath, yet!


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