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Thursday, October 28, 2004


As Manny Ramirez says, "You make your own destination." OMG...It proves that some athletes shouldn't be given a microphone. Regardless, the curse has been reversed, if there ever was one. The heartaches of 86 years have been erased. The people of my home base will not sleep tonight. They'll be relishing this moment for at least the next year.

The Sox swept the Cardinals. It was a 3-0 game tonight. Lowe pitched admirably. Johnny got the first run with the first pitch of the evening. Go, Johnny!!!!

In the back of my mind, I thought, "what if?" Could they really pull this out? Would they just fall into the same old patterns?

The Cardinals sure looked defeated as they walked onto the field. Perhaps, they had been over-thinking this. Maybe the "IDIOTS" got it right. Play and have fun. Just play because you love it and play every game like it's your last, but not in defeat. "You make your own destiny!!!" The destination is, basically, up to you, right?

It's got me feeling like a little kid. A bit of that disappointed 13 year old who watched the Sox lose in '86 was healed. Of course, that's not thanks to FOX, which decided to show the clips of all of our near-wins over the years. I certainly enjoyed watching the ball go through Buckner's legs again. I'm sure Bill Buckner appreciates it, too!

I hope the Cardinals don't feel too defeated. It was our year. The planets were aligned just right, I guess. I suppose we'll have to wait for the next October Lunar Eclipse to get our 2nd World Series Crown.

I do have to say that I almost hyperventilated when Foulke lost a ball between his legs in the bottom of the 9th. I felt a few grays pop out of my head. Oy vey!

Other than that, there wasn't much drama tonight. There was a silly call and a few bumbles, but nothing spectacular. The Sox stayed aggressive and the Cards showed up. They are a better team than their play proved and they deserve credit. They were the best team in the NL.

Maybe next year, we'll win again. Maybe not. It doesn't matter. We won this year. It's our moment now. We'll shine and enjoy it.

Thank you
Damon --- for coming out of your hitting slump and for fielding as well as you do.
Cabrera --- you proved that there is life (and a championship!) after Nomar.
Ramirez --- for being the MVP and sticking with the Sox. You sure earned your keep.
Ortiz --- Papi, muchas gracias! You carried the hitting load when no one else could. You were instrumental in our defeat of the Yankees and proved to be a team player as well as a team leader.
Bellhorn --- man, you proved that you could elevate your game when it was needed. I hope you continue to improve and have faith in what you did (and can) do.
Varitek --- don't even think of leaving. You've been a solid catcher, hitter and overall team player. You are a star.
Millar --- 1st base god, you are. Not too shabby in the hitting department either.
Mueller --- it must've been bittersweet to beat the team you grew up loving. Thank you for helping to bring it home to 'my team' finally!
Nixon -- for working so hard despite your injury and for getting 2 runs tonight which helped seal our World Series fate.

Lowe---you pitched 7 solid innings. Wow!
Martinez. Pedro...o mi Pedro. Your brilliance shines como tantas estrellas. You are our living legend.
Foulke -- way to pull it together and you saved our butts on many occasions. Thank you.
Schilling --an iron man with the heart of a champion. You lead by example and it's one I want to follow.

Francona --- you are the navigator of this ship. Thank you for leading it safely into the port of the World Series. Your brilliance and your love of baseball and this team has given us the championship we've wanted and needed for so long.

To the rest of the Sox organization -- thank you for working hard, not giving up and for being a part of history.


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