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Friday, December 10, 2004

The 15 days before xmas

I'm in the thick of the holiday season, y'all.

Went shopping for hubby's secret santa. Also checked out the checking account and well, we need a miracle this holiday season. Stressed that my babes won't have the holiday they deserve.

But I realize that we have it better than most.

I'm also up to my eyeballs in xmas specials. Tonight, I watched 6. That's a lot of holiday cheer...but I feel more like Scrooge.


Fifteen days 'til Xmas and I know what I'm getting for the holiday. I'm a mom...I don't get anything. I understand but sometimes I wish that I'd get a book or dvd just for me...but there will come a day...

when the babies will be grown and I'll miss these days.
When I'll be able to afford the things I want but won't want them anymore.
When the holidays won't be so rushed and I will be missing the little ones I love so dear.

I'm going to go kiss my babies, right now. I miss them and they're just taking a bath...

Christmas is for the kiddies. I just hope mine enjoy these times and remember them fondly. That's my sincerest wish.