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Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother's Day Tea

My daughter goes to Crestview United Methodist Preschool. It's a lovely school. I actually designed the web site with my hubby's help. Yep! We're just a couple of computer nerds in love. Hehe.

Today they had a Mother's Day Tea. It was cute and all. I loved the gifts and the entertainment. The kiddies sang some songs. What mama doesn't go all melty when her wee one is belting out "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" and "You Are My Sunshine"? Certainly not me. I was all teary eyed.

She's sooooooo cute.

The tea had nothing I could munch on. So, I abstained. I just drank some raspberry tea. It had sugar, but I'm just really avoiding gluten and dairy so I was cup o' tea ain't gonna kill me.

I wasn't as upset about not being able to eat this crap. I was looking at it as...hmmm? Cookies? Cake? Brownies lead to:

yeast infection/thrush
pain (yes, it exacerbates my fibro pain)

I guess when you put it into perspective it's not so hard to steer clear.

My almond ice cream experiment has gone horribly awry...but my husband and son are making progress. They're both realizing that certain foods do affect them. It's such a positive step for them and applaud them. But I'm sort of addicted to my nut-milk smoothies with stevia now. Yummy!

And my daughter, when asked what mommy's favorite food was, said "VEGETABLES". A few years ago, my son said PIZZA when asked the same question.

PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION as that old AA adage goes.

Happy Mother's Day to All! I'll be at Scarborough Faire in Waxahatchee tomorrow. Hubby and I might renew our vows with King Henry VIII and one o' his wives. I sure do hope it's Catherine of Aragon - she's my favorite! If it's that bitch, Anne Boleyn, I may reconsider. I am such a history geek...yup!

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