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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Last Night's American Idol

I have a confession. I am a 30 year old Reality-tv junkie. I know it's upsetting. I have two kids and a husband. But I like me some Reality TV.

I watched American Idol like a lot of people last night. Okay, well I was flipping in between that and the Bachelor (that Trish is such a bitch! Nah, just playing. I actually can relate better to her than to some of those moralistic, catty girls who aren't exactly as honest as they think they are either, but that's enough o' that.)

I saw Fantasia Barrino who I actually like and LaToya London in the bottom two. It wasn't right. I don't, like Elton John consider it to be racism because well, let's be honest, there is actually a good cross-section of minorities in the finals. I'm a Latina myself and I can admit it. Okay. 'Nuff said.

However, if this is to be a competition based on performances only, then I really do believe that Jasmine Trias should have gone last night. Sorry, Jasmine. You are cute and pretty good, but LaToya was better. I am sure Ms. London will go on to bigger and better things, like Broadway, but I decided to write about my frustration here.

Low-Down on the Don Ho American Idol Conspiracy

Hope you like it.



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