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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Living Without Dairy

I have been struggling with being overweight since I was four years old. I'm ashamed of this issue. I'm ashamed of myself. I'm also ashamed at how society throws fat people way...or wants to.

I am addicted to food. I am also very sensitive to the foods I am addicted to. In essence, I crave that which makes me ill. Talk about insanity! I'm not alone, y'all. I am convinced that millions of people worldwide are in the same boat. I know that so many of those people won't ever figure that out.

Western Medicine has sucked for me. It has degraded and denigrated me. Just yesterday, I went to an allergist. I'm looking into seeing if I have celiac sprue. He talked to me for five minutes about the gastric, he's an allergist. I refuse a surgical solution to a behavioral issue. I refuse. I will discuss more of my reasons why in future posts. I just don't have the energy today.

This post is actually about an amazing woman. She's a guide, a teacher, a shaman, a health care provider and a life saver. Her name is RitaMarie Loscalzo. She's the Austin Health Coach. Check out her web site at .

The first time she met me, she put me at ease. She told me that I had the power in me to reclaim my health. That alone was worth the price of the session. I can make changes. I can do things that will improve my health.

With fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, depression and some weird bleeding from my reproductive area (going to see the gynecologist tomorrow...wonder if she'll talk about gastric bypass too?) that's really not something I hear a hell of a lot of.

I'm on a gluten-free, dairy-free diet. Exactly what that means is I must stay away from products with gluten (wheat protein) and casein (dairy protein). My body can not tolerate them. Gluten is in flours and pastries, cakes, cookies, pastas, etc. Dairy is well, yogurt, milk and cheese...pretty much.

That's harder for me to stay away from. Believe it or not. Dairy...mmmmm .... cheese. I grew up devouring cheese daily. I miss it. I dream about it. I cry for it. My son, who's 9, has dairy sensitivities too.

So, I went to a Living Without Dairy Class at RitaMarie's crib the other night. I learned so much. You can make dairy-free cheese, milk and ice cream from nuts. It tastes darn good - I'm hooked on the stuff now...and well, I don't get sick from it.

Yipeee!!!!!!! RitaMarie's a genius.

Thank goddess for her.


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